Who is Making the Swine Flu Vaccine?

There are many pharmaceutical companies that are developing the swine flu vaccine. Each company could be supplying to one or several countries. Equally, some Governments have contracts with multiple companies. This is effectively a risk-reduction strategy in case there is a problem associated with a particular vaccine. Most companies are gearing up the production of the swine flu vaccine in order to meet their contractual demand. This has been at the expense of the production of the seasonal flu vaccine. The following is a list of the major companies and the countries they are supplying:

GlaxoSmithKline currently has orders of 291 million doses including contracts with USA, UK, Singapore, China, Brazil and 4 other governments
Sanofi-Aventis who are the global leaders in flu shots, have received orders from USA, France, Brazil, and have a contract with the United Nations to provide affordable vaccines to various countries. In July they stated they were in discussions to supply to more than 30 countries
Novartis have a contract with the US department of health and human service and claim that 30 governments have requested supplies
AstraZeneca have received their first order from USA, having developed a nasal spray vaccination
Sinovac, who are the first company to have completed clinical trials have a contract with the Chinese government
CSL are manufacturing over a million doses a week to meet orders from Australia and USA
Baxter have completed their first commercial batch of the H1N1 vaccine and have contracts with Britain, Ireland and New Zealand

My name is Steve Martins. I have spent my career working for the UK Government within the National Health Service (NHS). I have provided expert advice and guidance in the distribution of swine flu medication and various treatment methods.